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Fourteen years ago Florrie Morgenstern, an avid concert-goer and musician, had an idea to bring music to South Florida that was easily accessible to the arts lovers in the Boca Raton and Delray Beach communities near her. Florrie began to shape her vision: a series of concerts, appealing and accessible to friends, neighbors, or anybody interested in experiencing world-class performances. Since then Spanish River Concerts has brought a wide variety of exciting concert performances to the stage. Learn the full story.

With Spanish River Concerts you will see that each season is different and unique. The performances range from a full symphony performing classical, to pop Beatle songs, Big Band with swing dancers, and Broadway hits. You’ll find world-renowned performers and rising-stars like Michael Cavanaugh, Dudu Fisher, Neil Berg, Kol Esperanza and many more.


Florence Morgenstern

Founder and Artistic Director

Florence Morgenstern is the founder and Artistic Director of Spanish River Concerts. Along with her husband Seymour, and aided by several close friends, Florrie brought together all of the pieces to create what has become a mainstay in the South Florida performing arts scene. Florrie believes that everyone is a music-lover, whether they know it or not, and her goal is to provide the means for each subscriber to find the music within.

Jeff Morgenstern

Executive Director

Jeff Morgenstern joined his parents at Spanish River Concerts back in 2006 with the primary goal of establishing structure to what had already become a very popular arts organization in the Boca area. He applies his engineering background to almost every facet of SRC’s operations in order to make it possible for a very small staff to manage the rather large job of serving SRC’s 12,000 subscribers. Being a lifelong amateur musician, Jeff finds his role at SRC to be the perfect marriage of his professional and vocational interests.


Customer Service - 1.800.716.6975

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Teresa Trinque


Nina Schultz

Chief Technical Officer

Mitch Berkson


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