Jackie Evancho Program Change

We learned Thursday night from her manager that Jackie Evancho has been sidelined by an acute illness, and under doctor’s orders, will be unable to perform any of her scheduled concerts with Spanish River Concerts. Our thoughts are with her, as we wish her a speedy
recovery. We are hopeful that she bounces back strong from this very inopportune turn of events.

After being alerted to the problem, we turned our attention to our own plans for replacing Jackie in her scheduled concerts with us. With just over a week until opening night, we went back to the drawing board to brainstorm on possible solutions. I immediately turned to Tomer Adaddi, who has come through for us so many times, to explore possibilities for turning lemons into lemonade. The goal was not just to find a replacement, but to come up with something just as thrilling as what we had already planned and developed for Ms. Evancho’s originally scheduled concerts.

I couldn’t be more pleased with the result. As it turns out, we were already trying to find a way to bring back Adi Cohen – the Israeli sensation who burned up our stage last season with Synco Romantico. Was it possible that Adi could be available for eight dates on such short notice? Tomer swung into action, and by the end of the day on Friday, we had the green light from Ms. Cohen. She had so enjoyed her run with us last year that she rearranged four previous commitments to make this possible. I am personally very grateful to Adi and Tomer for making this happen, and excited to welcome Adi back to our stage to join Daniel Montenegro for what promises to be a fabulous evening with the Symphony of the Americas, conducted by Tomer.

It is rare to resolve an artist cancellation without compromise, but I believe we have done just that. The dates for these concerts remain unchanged, so we look forward to seeing you at your scheduled performance. I ask that you refrain from calling our office with questions about this situation, as we are already swamped with our very high, in-season call volume. We will post any relevant updates on this website, but again, there will be no change to the concert schedule itself, so there is no action required by you, beyond attending your regularly scheduled events with us. I appreciate your understanding and continued support.


Jeffrey Morgenstern, Executive Director
Spanish River Concerts